Ted Kozloff - Trap Shooter

The new storage containers are here and in place..

As if that is not enough for a 13yr old, she is also qualified to work in the kitchen.  Shown here under Lorna's guidance.

VOMTC, Young or Mature, safe and fun trap shooting starts here.

Please remember that the speed limit at the club is 5 MPH.

Coming soon you will see our new "BUMP" sign.  Speed bumps will help slow down those who drive too fast on club roads.  Slow down, watch for adults,kids,and dogs, around parked vehicles.

This is Claudia Steiner. She is the future of VOMTC. All of 13 years old.  She is now undertaking the task of the club newsletter.  She is here working on the newsletter with Mike .

And not only the newsletter, she is also learning how to run the office.  Ted is her mentor.

Frank Groth - NRA Instructor

If you would rather to not have your photo taken and shared on the club website, please let me know. We can delete any photo that may be online.

Typical Sunday crowd at VOMTC

New lower prices on some reloading components.  Check the new price list in the club.

Updated list on website coming soon.

You have probably seen this young lady doing various tasks around the club.

​​Valley of the Moon Trap Club

Click on the FIND US link to get more information. 

Obey the speed limit or Charlie will make you wear the" BUMP" sign.  Worse yet Dozer will bite you on the ankle