VOMTC.  Trapshooting is a fun family sport


Adam is a member of the VOMTC Jr. trap shooters. He now into his fourth year of trap shooting.

He won the overall "D" singles in the PITA Calif State shoot in 2017. Won in the 2017 Sub-junior at Yolo and Livermore 20yrd handicap.

Adam loves to fish and hunt. Avid bow hunter and helps at his local archery shop. 


Frank and Ted's columns are being condensed into their web pages.  They have a lot of good information available.  Check their pages and learn what they have been  so kind to share.

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 Adam Jason


New to trapshooting? Want to learn the correct way to enjoy this sport? VOMTC has NRA certified instructors to get you started the right way.

Upcoming events at VOMTC.

March 9. Friday night shoots.

How many remember when a box of 410 ammo was this cheap?


March 11, Corned Beef Shoot.