January Lunch Menu

2018 year in review at VOMTC

Two of VOMTC nicest people

Lexie and her new club logo sweat shirt.

The "You Suck" gang

Jan 6.- Asado

Jan 13. -Tortas

Jan 20.-Chilaquiles

Jan 27.-Gorditas

How do you like this for a club logo?  Vote with Ted in the office, and let's see what the club members think.

Or, do you prefer the current logo?

Update to Milt's NRA page. Go to the NRA page.

New Distinguished   Experts added.

Slide show from Sunday

Jan 13, 2019- Due to some problems with uploading photos, they are not showing correctly. Go to the photo page to see the latest pictures.

Thanks to all who took part in the VOMTC Marksmanship Program.  We came in first for 2018, having the most Distinguished Experts.

Ladies rule.

Want to try trapshooting, but not sure where to start? VOMTC has NRA certified instructors to get you started safely, and make sure you have fun. There is no charge for this service. If you don't have a shotgun, the club has them for a $5 donation to use. This is a family friendly club.  Come out on open public days, Weds, Sunday's, and enjoy the day and Lucy's lunch on Sunday.

Brenda felt so sorry for Charlie that she took one for the team. Bruised cheek, skinned up lip.