The June North Bay League event at VOMTC was successful​​​ in every way. A lot of the credit goes to our Sunday volunteers who all showed up and did a great job taking care of everything important to the competitors and the event mangers.

THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS Cindy George, Mike Caselli, Jim Elam, Sandy Dean, Jason Cohn, Mark Greving, Dan Miller, Dennis DelGrande, Gary Massa, Mark Yuan, Dominic Azzaro, Matt Stephenson, Dennis Freeman, Steve Kemiji, Micah & Dene Dirksen, Dave Cerini, Rob Samson, Stuart Morris, Joe Brambrink, Phil Schuyler, Eric Bell, Makayla Shannon Daniel Dickinsen, Tom Duggan, Marc Ebeling, Kevin Kilpatrick and John Marchetti!

NEW HAND DRYERS have been installed in our bathrooms. It's important to me that we constantly upgrade and improve our facility. These are made possible by everyone who works to generat club revenue and by the many people who generously donate money, time and labor to make it all happen. I often hear visitors praise our Club and tell me what a great job I have done. BUT I COULD NOT DO IT ALONE. Our club is successful because there are SO MANY hard working generous and skilled people that constantly give what is needed to get it done. Thank you all!

We still do have problems with members not closing up traps at the end of their shooting. PLEASE look around at the end of your shooting. Are there no more people waiting to shoot? Does it look like everyone has gone home? Are you uncertain what to do about it? Then LOAD THE TRAP, TURN IT OFF, CLOSE THE TRAP and PUT AWAY THE CALL SYSTEM. PLEASE ! ! !

Jon Ray - Chairman of the Board

​​Valley of the Moon Trap Club


The 5th Annual Series of Club Shoots is a great way for shooters to "Get their feet wet" in competition trap shooting. Winners in each category can choose a buckle or a genuine Silver Dollar this year. They are held at VOMTC on the first Saturday of each month from May to October. The meets are running smoothly with the addition of more volunteer workers. Join us on Saturday July 1 then again on August 5.

Charlie Marino - President