Sunday, Chester's Annie Oakley shoot.

Slideshow photos for Sunday, 11/19/2017

Ted, office manager and fireplace monitor.

Not only Chester's Annie Oakley, it really is his birthday.

Slide show of Turkey shoot. 11/12/2017

VOMTC is the place to go if you are interested in trap shooting.  All levels are welcome. New shooters get NRA Certified instructors to help them get started safely and correctly.  Advanced shooters can pick up a few  tips, and hone their skills.  Families are very welcome. Come out and enjoy an afternoon of shooting and friendly people.

Click on the FIND US link to get more information. 

Frank and Ted's columns are being condensed into their web pages.  They have a lot of good information available.  Check their pages and learn what they have been  so kind to share.

If you don't want your photograph published on VOMTC's website, we can delete any photo. Just contact Milt and he will remove the photos.

Salami shoot coming up on Dec 10th.