I have a few distinguished expert awards to mail in to the NRA, I'm still missing some NRA membership numbers. Check with me and update your info.

Pete L. NRA Expert


Pro-Marksman                                                 11 or better out of 25 targets     2 times

Marksman                                                         13 or better out of 25 targets    4 times

Marksman 1st Class                                        15 or better out of 25 targets     6 times

Sharpshooter                                                    17 or better out of 25 targets     6 times

Expert                                                                 19 or better out of 25 targets   10 times

Distinguished Expert                                       22 or better out of 25 targets    10 times,                                                                                 or 84 or better out of 100 in two ATA                                                                                       registered shoots.


Ralph Peters and Dianne Warner awarded

Distinguished Expert awards.

The NRA/Winchester Marksmanship Qualification Program is now up and running.

This is a great program that challenges you to progressively  improve your shooting skills.  As you work you way through the different levels you receive the appropriate rocker.  When you complete the Expert level, you are awarded a certificate of achievement as well as club recognition.

The Distinguished Expert is a special award.  When you complete this level, I send the information the the NRA, and they provide the special recognition certificate as well as the rocker and other items.

The cost of this program is $25.00   This makes a great gift for a young shooter.

Jay and Kelly NRA Experts

Cindy G.gets her

Distinguished Award

Claudia S. NRA Expert

Joe T. Gets his Expert award


Lee Reisinger Distinguished Expert

There a quite few shooters who have records that need to be updated. If you aren't sure check with Milt and lets get you back on track.

Rick S. NRA Expert