I'm delighted to see one of our long time members, Mike Dolcini, back out shooting again. 

Newly added to our Club Shoots will be 5 Stand / Sporting Clays as an event, in which we have a buckle to award. 

With the winter rains seemingly behind us, we are working diligently to get the new "Skeet Field" completed by summer. As you know the winter rains were a big set back, as were the recent ones here in May... fingers crossed the sun dominates and the ground dries out so we can get the tractors back out to finish up for all to enjoy another shooting venue at our club. 

Mike Hennagin & Crew have rewired ALL the Trap Houses. DO NOT ENTER or LOAD the machines from the RIGHT SIDE of the Machines . If you are seen or caught  doing so, there will be consequences!!!! 

Maggiora & Ghilotti are done repairing the levy and the floodgate. They have also re-rocked the grounds around the club and all of Burndale road, going out to the Highway. We thank everyone for enduring the process of our destructive winter to the club We're truly grateful for all that everyone did to help us through the rough patches of the winter.