From Charlie Mario- President...

As of January 1 there is a new law about buying and selling ammunition. The club is not able to order ammunition at this time.

Mike Dirksen, Milt Mossi, and I are working hard on trying to get a license for the club. It will take some time, 90 days at the least. We have submitted two applications and when we get those back from the DOJ, we will be able to apply for a Vendors License.

We are not completely sure about the limit of shells we are able to sell per club member. Rumor has it you are only allowed to purchase two boxes of shells at stores, as of January 1st. 

Starting January 1st, there will only be four traps available for use until March 1st, due to upcoming weather conditions.

I would like to thank Ted Bell for all the time he spends out here working in the office. He is a very big contributor to the club. This is the kind of participation the club needs to keep it successful .

There are two upcoming Friday night shoots, February 9th and March 9th. Just a reminder, this is all potluck. 

The corn beef shoot this year is coming up! it will be on March 11th and we start selling tickets at 8:30am. Hope to see you there!

Starting Friday the 2nd,  Jim Reece and Mike Hennagin are going to start re-building the trap machines that were donated by pacific roden gun club.

We had a very successful cornbeef shoot! thank you to all the workers for helping and everyone that came


I would like thank Mike Dirksen and Milt Mossi for helping the club for getting the vendors license so that we can sell shells at the club. It is a big process to get this license and has taken 60 days, and counting. 

The fire you see is all the debris from the flood on January 9th, 2017. 

Mike Hannigan, JIm Reece, Dave fish, and others helped with cleaning the traps to get ready to cell. All 12 trap machines were donated to the club.

Blast From The Past

Thank you Dan Fernando for painting the  container! 

New Wood Shed is FULL UP NOW! Thanks to our WORKING members, like Ann and Ralph and many more! THANKS ! ! !