At the last club shoot, it was a very good shoot even though it was so hot! Thank you to the people that worked in the office on this day even with these weather conditions. Just a reminder, we have one more club shoot this year which is on October 7th, hope to see you there!  Also a big thank you to Pacific Gun Club for the two 30 foot containers. The containers contain trap machines for the upcoming skeet field and also some Pat traps! Getting these trap machines will be a big help to form the new skeet field at VOMTC.

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Night shoot coming up!! DECEMBER 15 is the date for a night shoot event.  There will be a potluck starting at 5:00 PM and the shoot will begin at 6:00 PM.  Bring a dish and enjoy a great meal before the shoot, then commence fire!  Bring your own favorite gun as there will be no club guns available and no instructors, so this is for experienced shooters with their own equipment.

NOTICE:  Check your targets as you load the traps - we are finding a lot of boxes that have cracked clays in them due to dampness, improper handling or other misadventures.  Just be aware as you load the columns in and chuck out those clays with dings, hairline cracks or other damage.  Saves on frustration and tokens!

Thanking Jim Reece 

A big thank you to Jim Reece. Jim is at the club everyday helping out in every way possible. Here Jim is moving targets into the new container. ​

Member Curt Morris belives that Jim Reece should be paid at least $100  every time he is asked to fix a problem with a gun. THINK ABOUT IT!

Ron Church construction 

Thank you Ron Church construction for doing the concrete work for the new container which will make Jim Reece very happy!

Trap Machines

Staring January 1st, there will only be four traps available for use until march 1st due to upcoming weather conditions.

Salami Shoot 

The salami shoot was a success! All the workers did an amazing job with running the shoot smoothly. The kitchen and office help also did an excellent job. A big thank you to all.

-Charlie Marino 

New Wood Shed 

There will be a wood cutting party taking place on Saturday, December 16th. There will be pizza and shooting after all the wood is in the shed. Hope to see you there!