Darrel Welsh

Heartfelt Thanks for the continued efforts on the 2nd flood clean up. I guess enough fingers weren't crossed to keep Mother Nature from her fury? Final Spring Cleaning Flood Clean Up this Saturday 3/23. 

Double Check traps when shutting down, to RELEASE & MAKE SURE RED ARM IS FORWARD! #1 RULE = Safety FIRST!

Corn Beef Shoot has been rescheduled for Sunday March 31st. Corn Beef Lunch ($10) will be served & prepared by the Flandi's. There will be 100 Corn Beefs up to WIN! 

With​ the heavy rain / flooding behind us (keeping the faith) we have Trap Machines 2-7 all back in the houses. Lisa & Brenda are back on 7, for our new shooters on Sundays. 

EVERYONE BE CAREFUL when driving on the Club's Grounds. M/G are doing lots of road repair and are coming & going with lots of rock, please be patient and give them the right away when you see them on the road. 

A HUGE Thank you to everyone for the continued clean up efforts. The club is starting to look fabulous! Things are getting cleaned and put back in place, the grass is tall & green, and will be cut when the ground has dried out a bit more. In the meantime please look extra hard when picking up your shells so that we can spare our law mowing equipment from mechanical difficulties.

 We are still on the look out for some things that floated away.... We are down to 1 Big Blue Dumpster for Cardboard. The other one fled the county and we are waiting for a replacement. 


If you see this man, give him a HUG!