SHOUT OUT ~ I could use some extra help to work for the North Bay Shoot, at the club on Sunday, June 3rd. Much appreciation to those willing.

Next VOMTC Club Shoot, Saturday, June 2nd. 

Thanks to Steve Barloggi for mowing the tall grass down around the trap machines. 

Much appreciation for the great job our Wednesday workers are doing, picking & cleaning up after the midweek shooters. All the traps look fantastic!!

Big Thanks to John Sculatti & Mark Singleton for doing an excellent job running the May Club Shoot. 

It feels good to be back in the groove, winning a buckle, shooting against some of my long time friends / shooting companions. I'm enjoying spending more time at the club these days, practicing & looking forward to competing in the State Shoot in Livermore. It's been years since I've done so, keeping my fingers crossed I can hold my own with the big dogs. 

The month of June will be off to a busy start with the Club Shoot on Saturday June 2nd 

North Bay Shoot on Sunday, June 3rd.

REMINDER!!!!! >>>>> SUNDAY - JUNE 3RD <<<<<<


Brian earns his 25 Straight Pin!

VOMTC Jr. Team-mates "gettin'er done" & "still winning" 

Chairman of the Board, Jon Ray, wins the "shoot off" tie breaker to win his buckle. 

8 Year Old Sunday Guest captures attention & amazement shooting his "black powder" birthday present, with guidance from our club's NRA Certified Instructor.