ADULTS: Frank (High Vet), Lexie (High Lady), Rob (Long Yardage Cap, A Doubles, .410 and HOA 5 coins), John A's grandson, Darrel (B Doubles) and, Ann (Mid Yardage Cap)

My deepest thanks to Ron Church who has poured concrete for not only the skeet field-building but for trap number one as well. Trap house number had settled. So, Ron raised the back of the trap house up so that water will run out of the trap house. 


Ron Church/Team Concrete Pour, at House #1

The last club shoot was very successful, and the junior trap team did it again; they won lots of buckles!

Thank you, to everyone, who saved your brass, due to this, we raised up to $1,356 for the Juniors.​

Our sincere gratitude to Joe Kiser and his son, the most current road work on the levee road has been completely repaired, due to their hard work and generosity!​​​

As you know we are continually making improvements to the club. Dan Mercury and Steve Mack are also going to be installing storm drain pipes around the club. Much appreciation and recognition to you both in advance for your time, help and hard work.

If people don't slow down while driving in and out of the club, more speed bumps WILL are going to be added, so beware! And I'm not joking!

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Rick Harris' Shelving Handiwork Above


 Jay Zwitter has donated a shooting bag to the Junior Team. Thank you for your donation, Jay.
​Your donation (and support) for our Juniors is appreciated.

I would like to give Parker Dirksen a heartfelt thank you, for his hard work painting benches and walls. Parker has also now started work on painting the exterior of the clubhouse. 

Charlie Marino Interviewing Janelle Bullis, Our Female  Junior Trap Team Member

Parker Dirksen Painting Benches at VOMTC

In other club news, I'm not sure if everyone knew, but VOMTC has more than one water well.
​Our number two water well has been fixed and the water well is now running smoothly.

All trap machines are working well; please remember to always stay on the left-hand side of the machine while loading the trap house. Do not forget this, it is very important!

Our New "Newsletter Girl" — Lisa

Check Out the Junior Team at The Board Meeting Showing Off Their Buckles to The Board!

First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate the Junior Shooting Team for winning five events during the North Bay Grand Shoot!  I am so proud of you! I know I can speak for all the members of the club, and say that they are proud of you too! Keep up the good work!​

Lucy and Rebecca, The Best Chefs in Sonoma!

The "BS" Never Stops In The Clubhouse!—Dave and Ron

Last but not least, of those donating their time and professional skills, I would also like to give thanks and recognition to Rick Harris who has used his great carpentry skills to build new shelves throughout the inside of the clubhouse for us all to enjoy.

My Appreciation to Ted For All He Does!

Ron Church/Team Concrete Pour, at Skeet Field

Q: What Brought you to Valley of The Moon Trap Club?

A: I heard about Valley of The Moon Trap Club from a friend of the family, because his son shoots on the Junior Trap Team. Our family friend started inviting me to team practices on Saturdays. I decided that the Valley of The Moon Trap Club had a great environment and that I wanted to be part of the Junior Trap Team.

Q: Do you realize how much time and traveling is involved in being on the Junior Trap Team, and that we are willing to support you no matter what?

A: Yes, I do realize that. Shooting is my passion, and I love it. So, my family and I are willing to put in the time and hours it takes for me to be the best that I can be. I want to be a distinguished and integral part of the Junior Trap Team, all while representing the Valley of The Moon Trap Club in the best way I can. 100%.

Q: Do you feel comfortable being the only girl on the team?

A: Yes, I do. The guys on the Junior Trap Team are all nice and push me to become a better shooter, plus they treat me as one of their own. Some of my teammates are even becoming my close friends.

Q: Do you realize that if you have any questions or problems, that you can come directly to me, Charlie Marino, president of Valley of The Moon Trap Club?

A: Yes, Charlie is always very approachable, proud, appreciative and supportive of us, the Junior Trap Team!

Paul Receiving His Well Earned 25 Pin from Charlie

John Ray • Valley of The Moon Trap Club, CEO–Board of Directors

Parker Dirksen's VOMTC Clubhouse Paint Job

Charlie and Janelle Smiling While Charlie Shows His Thanks, by Giving Her a White Flyer T-Shirt

Charlie Enjoying His Birthday Cake!!!

Janelle Practicing Shooting, October the 20th, WIth Chester and Other Members of VOMTC

The last club shoot for the year was Saturday, October 5th, but not to worry the turkey shoot is Sunday, November the 10th. Congratulations go out those that won a belt at our year-end club shooting event this past Saturday the 5th! Great work Everyone!

Jim Surfing New Pallet Dollies that Mike and Rob Built

Jessie Beggin' For Treats!

JUNORS: Jonathon, Adam, and Cody (C Class Singles)

Charlie Marino • Valley of The Moon Trap Club, President

Congratulations to the Martins and Welcome to Our Newest Member Amelia Mollieann Martin